Kherson flax growing technology

(summary of the article)

In the course of last years summer heat has been destroying entire harvest of spring crops and occasionally even winter ones. Farmers needed commodities which could be formed before the heat and didn’t require much investment. Flax matched these parameters.

About the growing technology, from the beginning of soil processing to the harvesting, told  Andriy Shchedrinov owner of “Tellus-Yug” farm, writes by data from

According to him, they decided to sow 125 Ha – one whole field. It was divided into two parts to experiment with different technologies of soil processing. On the larger part soil was ploughed to 30 сm depth. Other part was not ploughed at all. “Yield on the both parts were roughly the same – from 6 to 8 cwt/ha. Considering costs and low fertility it was quite normal”, – A. Shchedrinov says.

There were neither pests nor diseases. But not to tempt fate biopreparations were used.

As a result, he assumes that it is unreasonable to sow flax as a main crop and hope to get big profit, but this commodity is considered the best predecessor for wheat. The field after it is clear and not exhausted, like after fallow. Big advantage of flax is lower burden on agricultural machinery due to early sowing period. The crop was sold at the price 9000 UAH/MT. Flax is in good demand among local buyers as well as foreign ones. Basic requirements are quality and purity.

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