If you intend to grow industrial hemp

Growing of hemp is regulated by a set of statutory instruments, including Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers` resolution #589 of 03.06.2009 “On establishment of order of conducting activities, connected with addictive drugs, psychotropics and precursor rotation and control over it”. Activities, connected with cultivation, storage, transportation and utilization of hemp are conducted by the business units on the ground of license, issued by the State medical service. Cultivation of hemp is made by economic entities within the limits of quotas, defined by the Cabinet of Ministers on annual basis. For the calculation of quotas for the coming year economic entities address State medical service with their claims. More specifically the peculiarities of acquiring permission documents for growing hemp are regulated by “License conditions of conducting business activities on cultivation of plants, included in the table and list of addictive drugs, psychotropics and precursors…….”, affirmed by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers` resolution #282 of 06.04.2016.

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