A cup with Sadovyi

On February 5 in Chernihiv was Andrii Sadovyi’s Day. The mayor of Lviv, the leader of the party “Samopomich”, came here as a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine. One of the meetings was held on the initiative of Mykola Tarasovets the head of “Policombank” at the “Library” restaurant with a cup of coffee with entrepreneurs. As Andrii Ivanovych noticed, no TV screens would replace the live communication and a strong handshake. Almost hour and half of communication was about problematic – agricultural land as a key resource for investing, obstacles to export of goods: lack of transportation permits & information in accordance with the codes of UKTZED in the State Fiscal Service database, the validity of the export duty on flaxseed and sunflower used as ingredients in the production of food and feed. Among the participants were entrepreneurs from Nizhyn – Sergii Kot, Dmytro Tymoshyk and Mykola Shkurko who had handed the proposals to Andrii Sadovyi.

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