Wheat, rapeseed. And where is flax? Sometime the most profitable crop of Polissya disappears from the fields

With such a pessimistic title, the parliamentary newspaper “Holos Ukrainy” in the number 243 of December 18, 2018 published the position of Yuriy Horbenko  – director of agro-industrial development department of the Volyn Regional State Administration:

“As for the cultivation of flax for fiber, I believe that this topic should be closed and no longer be raised. Since flaxseed industry should develop in a complex. Fiber flax can be grown, but how to use in case there is no processor. But there is demand for oil flax.

We have a rapid dynamics of technical crops production. Rapeseed production has increased from 38,000 tons in 2010 to 138 thousand, soybeans – from 17 thousand to 84 thousand tons. The harvest of sunflower, which practically had not been grown before, this year amounted to 65,7 thousand tons. ”


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