Ukraine reduces the cultivation of flax sharply

Redistribution of the world market of flax seeds between the main players has been finished. Leading Canada was displaced by Kazakhstan (it grows three times more -1.1 million tons) and Russia (twofold – 0, 7 million tons). This year the share of Ukraine is 32 thousand tons, which constitutes 1.4% of world production of flax seeds.

The last two years due to uncompetitive prices of Ukrainian seeds a tendency towards a sharp decline in sown areas has been entrenched. The cause is 10% of the export duty, which is absent in the world leading countries. Processing flax into technical oil, for which “Ukroliyaprom” stands for a duty, does not solve the problem, because the small quantities of raw materials are available. The only specialized enterprise, Nizhynsky Zhyrcombinat, by increasing the capacity of sunflower processing, apparently will cease to take flax altogether.

Thus, the recommendations of the researchers of the Kherson State Agricultural University regarding the expansion of sown areas under flax as alternative in arid areas still remain without an economic basis and the possibility of practical implementation. In this situation the negative attitude of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine towards appeals to rectify the situation is at least surprising.

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