Flax and hemp at “Agro-2018”

On June 7th, two round tables were held as part of the second day of the agricultural exhibition, which is traditionally taking place at the National Exhibition Center at this time. The first one was devoted to flax, the next one – to hemp cultivation. The co-organizer of both events was the FHDAU, together with its partners – the Institute of Oilseeds and the Institute of Bast Crops of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the FHDAU Mykola Shkurko in his speeches on both presentations emphasized the importance of the economic component of the association’s activities. In his opinion, this will fill the gap, which is a barrier towards the interaction with the authorities.

And for the agrarians, there is no need for presenting any other arguments besides an economic effect of bast crops cultivation. These industries are complex, therefore, they need painstaking work and that is within the power of the united farmers. The FHDAU is an indispensable platform for their consolidation and it was represented by an authoritative team consisting of the Board of Directors members: Ihor Shevchenko, Ihor Marynchenko, Serhii Ryzhuk, Viacheslav Svyrydenko, Mykola Shkurko.

And although there were no farmers among the round table participants, but there were many representatives of manufacturers and consumers of the domestic flax and hemp production. The FHDAU’s ideas are still to come from Kyiv to the countryside. The organizers of the discussions at “Agro-2018” fully realized it and now this task is a guide.

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